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Using JMP > Set JMP Column Properties > Column Properties in JMP > Properties That Control the Display of Columns
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Properties That Control the Display of Columns

The Axis and Units column properties control how column values are displayed.


Use the Axis property to change the default axis settings for a column. JMP automatically uses your settings when the column appears in an analysis. See Customize Axes and Axis Labels in Graphs for more information about the properties.

When you add the Axis column property, you can save all column properties or only the properties that you changed. For example, you might want the axis to start at 0 and are not concerned about the upper bounds of the axis. Set the minimum axis value and select Changed Properties Only from the Save to column list.

To set default axis properties for a column from within a graph

1. Create the graph.

2. Change the axis to your preferred specifications.

3. Right-click the axis and select Save to Column Property.


Use the Units property to specify the measurement units that were used to collect the data for the column. The units appear in parentheses after the column name in the data table and when the column appears in plots. For example, you might want a column to indicate that age values are measured in months, or that a monetary value is in thousands of dollars.

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