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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Regression Reports

The Regression Reports menu provides summary information about model fit, effect significance, and model parameters.

Summary of Fit

Shows or hides a summary of model fit. See Summary of Fit.

Analysis of Variance

Shows or hides calculations for comparing the fitted model to a simple mean model. See Analysis of Variance.

Parameter Estimates

Shows or hides a report containing the parameter estimates and t tests for the hypothesis that each parameter is zero. See Parameter Estimates.

Effect Tests

Shows or hides tests for the fixed effects in the model. See Effect Tests.

Effect Details

Shows or hides a report containing details, plots, and tests for individual effects. See Effect Details.

When the Effect Leverage Emphasis option is selected, each effect has its own report at the top of the Fit Least Squares report window. This report includes effect details options as well as a leverage plot. See Leverage Plots.

Lack of Fit

Shows or hides a test assessing if the model has the appropriate effects, when that test can be conducted. See Lack of Fit.

Show All Confidence Intervals

Shows or hides confidence intervals for the following statistics:

Parameter estimates in the Parameter Estimates report

Least squares means in the Least Squares Means Table


Shows or hides AICc and BIC values in the Summary of Fit report. See Likelihood, AICc, and BIC.

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