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Reliability and Survival Methods > Reliability Forecast
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Reliability Forecast

Forecast Product Failure Using Production and Failure Data

The Reliability Forecast platform helps you predict the number of future failures. JMP estimates the parameters for a life distribution using production dates, failure dates, and production volume.

Using the interactive graphs, you can adjust factors such as future production volumes and contract length to estimate future failures. Repair costs can be incorporated into the analysis to forecast the total cost of repairs across all failed units.

Figure 9.1 Example of a Reliability Forecast 

Example of a Reliability Forecast


Overview of the Reliability Forecast Platform

Example Using the Reliability Forecast Platform

Launch the Reliability Forecast Platform

The Reliability Forecast Report

Observed Data Report
Life Distribution Report
Forecast Report

Reliability Forecast Platform Options

Additional Example Using the Reliability Forecast Platform

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