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Profilers > Mixture Profiler > The Mixture Profiler Report > Response Settings and Controls
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Response Settings and Controls

Figure 6.6 Response Settings and Controls 

Response Settings and Controls


The list of one or more responses.


The current value of the contour on the mixture profiler. Click in the box to change the value. The slider control can also be used to change the value of the contour.

Current Y

The predicted response based on the current X settings. The value is at the center of the cross hairs on the profiler plot. This value updates as the factor settings are changed.

Lo Limit

Enables you to set a lower limit for your response.

High Limit

Enables you to set an upper limit for your response.

Note: When response limits are used, the profiler shows regions that are feasible as unshaded.

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