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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Response Specification

Specify the response designs for various tests using the Response Specification panel.

Figure 9.4 Response Specification PanelĀ 

Response Specification Panel

Choose Response

Provides choices for the M matrix. See Choose Response Options.

Univariate Tests Also

Obtains adjusted and unadjusted univariate repeated measures tests and multivariate tests. Use in repeated measures models.

Test Each Column Separately Also

Obtains univariate ANOVA tests and multivariate tests on each response.

The following buttons are available only after you have chosen a response option:


Performs the analysis and shows the multivariate estimates and tests. See Multivariate Tests.


Shows the Help for the Response Specification panel.


Orthonormalizes the matrix. Orthonormalization is done after the column contrasts (sum to zero) for all response types except Sum.

Delete Last Column

Reduces the dimensionality of the transformation.

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