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Basic Analysis > Tabulate > Tabulate Platform Options > Right-Click Menu for Columns
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Right-Click Menu for Columns

Right-click a column in a table to see the following options:


Deletes the selected column.

Use as Grouping column

Changes the analysis column to a grouping column.

Use as Analysis column

Changes the grouping column to an analysis column.

Change Item Label

(Appears only for separate or nested columns.) Enter a new label.

Combine Tables (Columns by Categories)

(Appears only for separate or nested columns.) Combines separate or nested columns. See Example of Combining Columns into a Single Table.

Nest Grouping Columns

Nests grouping columns vertically or horizontally.

Separate Tables

(Appears only for combined tables.) Creates a separate table for each column.

Remove Column Label

Removes the column name from the column table.

Restore Column Label

Restores a hidden column name to the column table.

Order By Count

Orders the levels of a grouping column by the count of each level, from most to least. This option can also be used to override the setting of the Order by count of grouping columns option for a particular grouping column.

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