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Publication date: 11/10/2021

SAS Menu Options

The following options are in the File > SAS menu.

Browse Data

Browse and import data residing on a SAS Server.

SAS Query Builder

Select and import data on a SAS server without writing SQL statements. See Build SQL Queries in Query Builder.

Export Data to SAS

Export JMP data tables to a SAS Server.

Browse SAS Folders

Browse and run SAS stored processes or open Metadata-defined data tables.

New SAS Program

Opens a script window for writing and submitting SAS code.

Submit to SAS

Sends SAS code directly from JMP to the currently active SAS server.

Open SAS Log Window

Opens a SAS log window for the active SAS server.

Open SAS Output Window

Opens a SAS output window for the active SAS server. This window shows recent SAS output.

Server Connections

Administer connections to SAS servers.

You can also find shortcuts for SAS options on the SAS page of the JMP Starter, and there is a SAS toolbar. You can save certain settings pertaining to SAS Integration on the SAS Integration page of the Preferences window (File > Preferences). For more information about setting your SAS Integration preferences, see Preferences for SAS Integration.

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