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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Save a Report as a PowerPoint Presentation

Create a presentation by saving JMP results as a PowerPoint presentation (.pptx). Rearrange JMP content and edit text in PowerPoint after saving as a .pptx file. Sections of a JMP report are exported into PowerPoint differently.

Report headings are exported as editable text boxes.

Graphs are exported as images. Certain graphical elements, such as legends, are exported as separate images. Images resize to fit the slide in PowerPoint.

Use the selection tool to select the sections that you want to save in your presentation. Delete unwanted content once after you open the file in PowerPoint.

Note: On Windows, PowerPoint 2007 is the minimum version required to open .pptx files created in JMP. On macOS, at least PowerPoint 2011 is required.

1. In JMP, create the report.

2. Select File > Export, select Microsoft PowerPoint, and then click Next.

3. Select a graphic file format from the list.

On Windows, EMF is the default format. On macOS, PDF is the default format.

4. Name and save the file. (On macOS, name the file and click Export.

The file opens in Microsoft PowerPoint because Open the file after saving is selected by default.

Note: The native EMF graphics produced on Windows are not supported on macOS. The native PDF graphics produced on macOS are not supported on Windows. For cross-platform compatibility, change the default graphics file format by selecting File > Preferences > General. Then, change the Image Format for PowerPoint to either PNG or JPEG.

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