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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Save Discrim Matrices

Save Discrim Matrices creates a global list (DiscrimResults) for use in the JMP scripting language. The list contains the following, calculated for the training set:

YNames, a list of the covariates (Ys)

XName, the categorical variable

XValues, a list of the levels of X

YMeans, a matrix of the means of the covariates by the levels of X

YPartialCov, the within covariance matrix

Consider the analysis obtained using the Discriminant script in the sample data table. If you select Save Discrim Matrices from the Discriminant Analysis red triangle menu, the script Discrim Results is saved to the data table.

Figure 5.16 Discrim Results Table Script for 

Discrim Results Table Script for

Note: In a script, you can send the scripting command Get Discrim Matrices to the Discriminant platform object. This obtains the same values as Save Discrim Matrices, but does not store them in the data table.

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