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Using JMP > Create Formulas in JMP > Edit Formulas > Select Expressions in Formulas
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Select Expressions in Formulas

Use the keyboard arrow keys to select expressions for editing in the JMP Formula Editor. You can also use the arrow keys to view the formula’s order of precedence when either parentheses or the boxing option are not present. (See Hide and Show Outlines Formulas.)

Clicking an operator (+, –, *, ÷) in an expression selects the operator and its operands. A blue box appears around the items. Once an operator is selected:

The left and right arrow keys move the selection across other associative operators having equal precedence within the expression.

The up arrow extends the current selection by adding the operand and operator of higher precedence to the selection.

The down arrow reduces the current selection by removing an operand and operator from the selection.

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