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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Show Coordinates

Shows the Column Coordinates table or the Row and Column Coordinates tables.


Lists the columns specified as X, Factor variables.


Lists the columns specified as Y, Response variables.


Lists the columns specified as Z, Supplementary Variables.


Lists the levels of the X, Y, or Z variables.

Dimension 1, Dimension 2, Dimension 3

For each level or each response, lists its coordinate along the indicated principal axis. By default, the tables show coordinates for up to the first three dimensions. Coordinate columns for additional dimensions are hidden. To show these optional columns, right-click in a table and select the dimension columns from the Columns submenu.

Note: If there are columns specified as X, Factor variables, the Coordinates report displays tables of both X and Y with the same report headings. If a Z, Supplementary Variable is specified, the coordinates are listed below the X and Y coordinates as applicable.

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