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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Show Plot

The plot displays a projection of the projection of categories or individuals onto the plane described by the first two principal axes. The plot uses isometric scaling. You can toggle the dimensions shown in the plot using the Select Dimension controls below the plot. The first control defines the horizontal axis of the plot, and the second control defines the vertical axis of the plot. Click the arrow button to cycle through the dimensions shown in the plot. Use the Proportional marker size check box to specify if the size of the points in the plot should be proportional to the count of observations corresponding to each point.

Note: Selecting a point in the correspondence analysis plot also selects the corresponding rows in other tables in the report window. However, rows in the data table are not selected. To select all of the points in the plot associated with a particular variable, select the name of the variable in the plot legend.

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