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Fitting Linear Models > Standard Least Squares Examples
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Standard Least Squares Examples

Analyze Common Classes of Models

This chapter provides examples with instructional material for several standard least squares topics. These include analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, a response surface model, a split plot design, estimation of random effect parameters, a knotted spline fit, and the identification of active factors using a script that provides a Bayesian approach.


One-Way Analysis of Variance Example

Analysis of Covariance with Equal Slopes Example

Analysis of Covariance with Unequal Slopes Example

Response Surface Model Example

Fit the Full Response Surface Model
Reduce the Model
Examine the Response Surface Report
Find the Critical Point Using the Prediction Profiler
View the Surface Using the Contour Profiler

Split Plot Design Example

Estimation of Random Effect Parameters Example

Knotted Spline Effect Example

Bayes Plot for Active Factors Example

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