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Using JMP > Summarize Your Data > Summarize Columns
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Summarize Columns

The Tables > Summary command calculates various summary statistics, including the mean and median, standard deviation, minimum and maximum value, and so on.

Summary tables have the following characteristics:

A single row exists for each level of a grouping variable that you specify. If no grouping variable is specified, a single row exists for the full data table.

When there are several grouping variables, the table contains rows for each combination of levels of all the grouping variables.

In addition to one column for each grouping variable, the table contains frequency counts in a column named N Rows with counts for each grouping level.

The summary table can be linked to its source table. When you select rows in the summary table, the corresponding rows are highlighted in its source table.

If the source table’s column(s) contain value labels, the value labels are displayed in the new table.

A summary table is not saved when you close it unless you select File > Save As to give it a name and location.

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