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Publication date: 11/10/2021


The term supercategories refers to the aggregation of response categories. For example, when using a five-point rating scale, you might want to know the percent of responses from the top two ratings (top two boxes). Use the Supercategories column property to define groups of responses.

When you add a Supercategories column property to a response column, no additional columns are added to your data table. Instead, the Supercategories column property adds an additional category column to crosstab tables and Frequency Charts in the Categorical platform report. You can create multiple supercategories for a single response column. Share Charts do not show supercategories, and supercategories are not applied to grouping columns.

To create a supercategory:

1. Select a column in your data table that contains categories that you would like to aggregate.

2. Select Cols > Column Info.

3. Click Column Properties and select Supercategories.

4. (Optional) To change the default name of the supercategory, enter a Supercategory Name.

5. Select one or more categories from the Column’s Categories list.

6. Click Add.

7. (Optional) Select the supercategory and click the Supercategories red triangle for additional options.

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