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Publication date: 11/10/2021

Image shown hereSystem Diagram

The System Diagram is the space where you can diagram a repairable system. A new System Diagram contains a Start block and an End block.

The following options are available in a pop-up menu when you right-click in the System Diagram:

Run Simulation

Runs the simulation using the current Simulation Settings in the Configuration panel. The results of the simulation are reproducible if a nonzero value is specified for Seed.

Run Multithreaded Simulation

Runs a multithreaded simulation of the system. The results of the simulation are not reproducible when you run a multithreaded simulation.

Diagram Operation

Contains options to control the appearance of the diagram:


(Available only if a block, event, or action is selected.) Removes the selected items from the diagram.

Show Block Names

Shows or hides the names that appear below the blocks in the diagram.

Zoom In

Increases the Zoom Scale value by a factor of 0.9.

Zoom Out

Decreases the Zoom Scale by a factor of 0.9.

Tip: On Windows, you can press Ctrl and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in to and out from the diagram.

Zoom Scale

Enables the user to set the scale of the zoom on a scale of 0 to 10000. The original Zoom Scale value is 1. The Zoom Scale value increases as you zoom into the diagram.


Shows or hides the Preview window in the lower right corner of the System Diagram.

Show Event Action Link Across Blocks

Shows or hides the green arrows that represent action links from one block to another. If this option is turned off, action links for selected events and actions still appear.

Align Selected Vertices Vertically

(Available only if more than one block is selected.) Updates the horizontal position of the selected blocks so that they are aligned vertically.

Align Selected Vertices Horizontally

(Available only if more than one block is selected.) Updates the vertical position of the selected blocks so that they are aligned horizontally.

When you right-click an item in the System Diagram, additional submenu items appear in the pop-up menu. The submenu items that appear depend on the type of item. These options enable you to add, remove, or change the events and actions attached to a block item.

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