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Design of Experiments Guide > Starting Out with DOE > The DOE Workflow: Describe, Specify, Design
Publication date: 11/10/2021

The DOE Workflow: Describe, Specify, Design

The DOE platforms are structured as a series of steps that present the workflow that is intrinsic to designing experiments. Once you complete each step, you click Continue to move to the next step. The elements described in this section are common to nine of the design of experiments platforms. These are the platforms that are addressed in this section:

Custom Design

Definitive Screening Design

Screening Design

Response Surface Design

Full Factorial Design

Mixture Design

Image shown here Covering Array

Space Filling Design

Taguchi Arrays

Three special-purpose platforms differ substantially: Choice Designs, Accelerated Life Test Design, and Nonlinear Design. These three platforms are not addressed in this section.

This section describes the steps in the DOE workflow. It also discusses their implementation in the various design platforms.

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