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Publication date: 11/10/2021

The Scripting Index

The Scripting Index on the Help menu provides a brief description and the syntax for JSL functions, objects, and display boxes. Each entry includes an example that you can run and modify to test your own code. And an embedded log window lets you see messages as examples are run.


To display the Scripting Index entry for a function in a script, run the script, press Alt, and then double-click the function. You can also run the script, right-click the function, and select Help Scripting Index.

To copy the syntax or description from the Scripting Index window, right-click the area that you want to copy and select Copy Text.

The Scripting Index window includes the following buttons:

Image shown here

Click the Clear button to clear the search text box to begin a new search.

Image shown here

Click the arrow to set search filter options and parameters.

Image shown here

After you edit the sample script in the Scripting Index, click this button to revert to the original script.

Note: When you edit an example script, the changes persist when you view other entries in the Scripting Index. To revert the script, click Reset, which appears above the script after you edit it.

Search Filter Options

Click the down arrow button next to the search box to refine your search.

Contains Terms

Returns items that contain a part of the search criteria. A search for “ease oom” returns messages such as “Release Zoom”.

Contains Phrase

Returns items that contain the exact search criteria. A search for “text box” returns entries that contain “text” followed directly by “box” (for example, “Context Box” and “Text Box”).

Starts With Phrase

Returns items that start with the search criteria.

Ends With Phrase

Returns items that end with the search criteria.

Whole Phrase

Returns items that consist of the entire string. A search for “text box” returns entries that contain only “text box”.

Regular Expression

Enables you to use the wildcard (*) and period (.) in the search box. Searching for “get.*name” looks for items that contain “get” followed by one or more words. It returns “Get Color Theme Names”, “Get Name Info”, and “Get Effect Names”, and so on.

Invert Result

Returns items that do not match the search criteria.

Match All Terms

Returns items that contain both strings. A search for “t test” returns elements that contain either or both of the search strings: “Pat Test”, “Shortest Edit Script” and “Paired t test”.

Ignore Case

Ignores the case in the search criteria.

Match Whole Words

Returns items that contain each word in the string based on the Match All Terms setting. If you search for “data filter”, and Match All Terms is selected, entries that contain both “data” and “filter” are returned.

Search Category and Item Names

Returns category names (in the left column) and item names (in the middle column) that match the search criteria.

Search Prototypes and Descriptions

Returns prototypes (the JSL syntax) and descriptions that match the search criteria.

Search Examples

Returns examples that match the search criteria.

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