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Predictive and Specialized Modeling > Time Series Forecast
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Time Series Forecast

Forecast Multiple Time Series

The Time Series Forecast platform enables you to forecast multiple time series, where the number of series could be very large. The platform provides compact summaries of the multiple time series and provides options for efficiently fitting up to 30 different forecasting models in the exponential smoothing family. The best fitting model is automatically selected.

The Time Series Forecast platform is designed to select a best fitting model automatically from a set of exponential smoothing models. This is in contrast to the Time Series platform which requires manual selection of a best fitting model and uses ARIMA models.

Figure 19.1 Original Series and Forecasts 

Original Series and Forecasts


Example of Time Series Forecast

Launch the Time Series Forecast Platform

Data Format

The Time Series Forecast Report

Analysis of Time Pattern
Group Summary of Time
Group Summary of Y
Modeling Specifications

Time Series Forecast Platform Options

Model Reports

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