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Scripting Guide > Types of Data
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Types of Data

Working with Numbers, Strings, Dates, Currency, and More

This chapter discusses basic data types:

numbers and strings

paths, which are a special type of string

dates and times, which can be either special numbers or special strings


hexadecimal values and blobs

At the end of the chapter are two sections that show more advanced methods of interacting with strings and pattern matching with regular expressions.


Numbers and Strings

Formatting Numbers
Unicode Characters

Path Variables

Create and Customize Path Variables
Relative Paths
File Path Separators

Date-Time Functions and Formats

Date-Time Values
Program with Date-Time Functions
Date-Time Values in Data Tables
Custom Date-Time Formatting with Format Patterns


Hexadecimal and BLOB Functions

Work with Character Functions

Substitute and Substitute Into

Regular Expressions

Regex Match
Special Characters in Regular Expressions
Escaped Characters in Regular Expressions
Greedy and Reluctant Regular Expressions
Backreferences and Capturing Groups
Lookaround Assertions

Pattern Matching

Parsing Strings in Fixed Fields
Patterns and Case
Troubleshooting Patterns
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