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Basic Analysis > Oneway Analysis > Compare Means > With Control, Dunnett’s
Publication date: 11/10/2021

With Control, Dunnett’s

The With Control, Dunnett’s test compares a set of means against the mean of a control group. The LSDs that it produces are between the Student’s t and Tukey-Kramer LSDs, because they are sized to refrain from an intermediate number of comparisons. For an example of this test, see Example of the With Control, Dunnett’s Test.

In the Dunnett’s report, the |d| quantile appears, and can be used in a manner similar to a Student’s t-statistic. The LSD threshold matrix shows the absolute value of the difference minus the LSD. If a value is positive, its mean is more than the LSD apart from the control group mean and is therefore significantly different.

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