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Discovering JMP > Work with Your Data
Publication date: 11/10/2021

Work with Your Data

Prepare Your Data for Graphing and Analyzing

Before graphing or analyzing your data, the data has to be in a data table and in the proper format. This chapter shows some basic data management tasks, including the following:

Creating new data tables

Opening existing data tables

Importing data from other applications into JMP

Managing your data

Figure 3.1 Example of a Data Table 

Example of a Data Table


Get Your Data into JMP

Copy and Paste Data into a Data Table
Import Data into a Data Table
Enter Data in a Data Table
Transfer Data from Excel to JMP

Work with Data Tables

Edit Data in a Data Table
Select, Deselect, and Find Values in a Data Table
View or Change Column Information in a Data Table
Example of Calculating Values with Formulas
Example of Filtering Data in a Report

Examples of Reshaping Data

Examples of Viewing Summary Statistics
Examples of Creating Subsets
Example of Joining Data Tables
Example of Sorting Data
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