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The <filename>-XY.jmp file contains the X and Y coordinates of the polygons that define each office.
Example of an -XY.jmp Map File
The <filename>-Name.jmp file contains the unique room names.
Example of a -Name.jmp Map File
Read more about creating map files in the JMP documentation at http://www.jmp.com/support/help/Custom_Map_Files.shtml.
Note: To create the -Name.jmp and -XY.jmp map files, you must use the desktop version of JMP, which is available from http://www.jmp.com/en_us/software/try-jmp.html.
This example shows how the office map in the S4-Temps.jmp sample data table is set up.
Download S4-Name.jmp and S4-XY.jmp from the Online Samples page and open them in Graph Builder when prompted.
Download S4-Temps.jmp and open it in Graph Builder when prompted.
Tap S4-Temps.jmp in the Gallery to view the maps.
Tap Edit.
Note that the room/office variable is assigned to the Map Shape zone. The farenheit variable is assigned to the Color zone.
Office Map