For advanced users, the Nonlinear Designer has the two additional options, as shown in Advanced Options for the Nonlinear Designer. These advanced options are included because finding nonlinear DOE solutions involves minimizing the integral of the log of the determinant of the Fisher information matrix with respect to the prior distribution of the parameters. These integrals are complicated and have to be calculated numerically.
Advanced Options for the Nonlinear Designer
Technical The reason for the approach given by these advanced options is to get good integral approximations much faster than using standard methods. For instance, with six parameters, using two radii and one sample per sphere, these methods give a generalized five- point rule that needs only 113 observations to get a good approximation. Using the most common approach (Simpson’s rule) would need 56 = 15,625 evaluations. The straight Monte Carlo approach also requires thousands of function evaluations to get the same level of quality in the answer. For more details, see Gotwalt, Jones, and Steinberg (2009).