Statistics With JMP®: Hypothesis Tests, ANOVA and Regression

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This book provides a first course on parameter estimation (point estimates and confidence interval estimates), hypothesis testing, ANOVA and simple linear regression. The authors’ approach combines mathematical depth with numerous examples and demonstrations using JMP software.

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Chapter 12: Functions of several random variables

In this chapter, the authors discuss discrete random variables, as well as continuous random variables. The focus is on bivariate probability distributions and densities, although some more general results are mentioned too. The results in this chapter are generalizations of those in Section 6.4, where functions of one random variable were discussed.      

You will learn about:

  • Expected value of functions of several random variables.
  • Conditional expected values.
  • Probability distributions of functions of random variables.
  • Functions of independent Poisson, normally, and lognormally distributed random variables.
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