Course Materials

Multivariate Statistics

The materials linked below will be applicable to a multivariate statistics class, covering topics such as PCA, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, path analysis and SEM, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, MANOVA and repeated measures.

The Essentials

JMP Books

Textbooks to Supplement Your Instruction​

Find textbooks that integrate JMP. Most books may be requested through publisher websites. Contact your publisher representative for more information.

Step-by-Step Guides

Take a Deeper Dive on Select Topics​​

Provide step-by-step instructions and short videos to help your students learn how to do common statistical and graphical analyses in JMP.​

Case Studies

JMP® Case Study Library​​

Assign real-world problems for class projects or homework. These case studies are complete with background information, tasks, data, exercises, and more.​


In-Depth Webinars

Explore webinars specifically designed for faculty & students​

Live and on-demand webinars to expand your JMP knowledge.​ Topics span basics to advanced.

Sample Data

Data for Examples and Assignments

JMP comes with ~500 sample data sets included in the software, accessible through the JMP Help menu.​

Applets and Add-Ins​

Teaching Apps & Basic Stats Calculators

Simple applets provide everything you need to illustrate core statistical concepts, including regression least squares, correlation, and p-values.

Additional Resources

Full Course Materials​​

Course Materials from SAS Education​

“JMP course-in-a-box” provides complimentary JMP teaching materials from SAS. Includes classroom materials, data sets, slides and more. These are all available for download to qualified instructors.​

Online e-Courses

Self-paced learning available 24/7​​

Full length e-courses from JMP and SAS Education cover a variety of topics and include activities, demos and exercises. Short instructor videos can supplement your course materials to create a flipped classroom.​

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