Teaching Design of Experiments in Chemistry Info Kit

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Info kit resources

Introductory Webinar

Teaching Design of Experiments

JMP Academic Ambassador Volker Kraft introduces DOE in JMP, gives a live demo for Custom Design and Definitive Screening Design, and provides an overview of teaching resources for DOE.

Part 1: Overview of JMP DOE for Chemists
Part 2: Handling Experimental Data Using JMP
Part 3: Creating Computer-Generated Custom Designs Using JMP
Part 4: Creating Modern Definitive Screening Designs Using JMP
Part 5: Getting the Most From JMP Academic Resources

Hands-on package

Try it yourself

Aligned with the webinar above, this package provides a JMP Journal with links to resources, step-by-step instructions for Custom Design and Definitive Screening Design in JMP and sample data sets.

Download journal and data

Download exercises

Note: The hands-on exercises can be completed using the JMP trial version available at jmp.com/trial.

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Sample chapter

Training course material on Custom Design

This training course excerpt from SAS Education will give you a glimpse of the type of in-depth materials available in several DOE trainer kits – all free of charge for academic use.

Download the chapter

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