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JMP Capabilities
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JMP is powerful statistical analysis and discovery software available for both the mac and windows desktop. JMP includes comprehensive analytic capabilities for every professor, researcher, and student.

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Have 60 seconds?  Watch now.

Resources for Teaching and Learning
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At JMP Academic we’re working hard to create teaching and learning resources to help your students learn JMP quickly and easily. 

Tools for Assessment
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Using JMP in your course doesn’t just help students learn statistics, JMP helps you when you need to assess what they’ve learned.

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Have 60 seconds?  Watch now.

Concept Discovery
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JMP is more than just statistical analysis software, JMP is software that helps students learn about foundational concepts in statistics.

The Value of JMP Beyond the Classroom
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JMP empowers students to get the most out of your statistics course, both in learning the concepts in the classroom, and then by applying those concepts in their careers.

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How to Get JMP

No matter how your class is taught there is an easy and affordable way for your students to get access to JMP. 

Overview of the JMP Academic Program

What is JMP?

JMP is desktop statistical software from SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services. JMP runs natively on Mac and Windows, combining interactive graphics with comprehensive statistics, data analysis and modeling tools.

JMP’s highly visual, point-and-click interface helps students quickly grasp statistical concepts. JMP is also ideal for teaching, allowing professors to spend more time teaching statistics and data analysis and less time teaching software.

Concept Discovery with JMP

JMP is more than just statistical software.  With its visual and dynamic interface, JMP allows students to explore core statistical concepts, helping them form a strong statistical foundation.

  • Interactive simulations and randomization tests let students engage with the central limit theorem and the conceptual framework behind confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, ANOVA and regression.
  • Built-in tools allow students to explore p-values, statistical power, and statistical models.

JMP for Assessment

With class enrollments on the rise, it’s harder than ever to
assess students effectively. 

  • With JMP, you can easily manage, analyze, and summarize course assessment data.
  • JMP is a proud partner of WebAssign, a leading provider of online assessment tools used by hundreds of colleges and universities.

Resources for Teaching and Learning

JMP offers a variety materials to help students learn core statistical concepts in the context of real-world problems.

JMP Beyond the Classroom

JMP is the tool of choice at top companies around the world
and by hundreds of thousands of users in a wide variety of industries.

  • Students develop a résumé skill sought out by employers worldwide.
  • Students gain experience in solving real-world problems by applying the tools and methods used by professionals.

How to Get JMP

With affordable licensing options to fit every situation, it’s never been easier to get JMP. 

  • The JMP Academic Suite: annual license with access to JMP and JMP Pro for an unlimited number of academic users
  • Single user perpetual licenses for academic use
  • 12-month licenses of JMP Student Subscription for classroom use
  • JMP Student Subscription bundled for free with many Introductory textbooks