Quality Tools for Process Improvement Methodologies

 This series of three one-hour workshops provides inspirational examples of how to use DOE to bring products to the market, including product design, discovery, and development. It will also address process development, scale-up, transfer, and analytical method development.

In this fun, engaging online training program, you will learn how to use experimentation more efficiently so that you can achieve better outcomes faster.

By allowing you to plan your experimental work, DOE helps you:

  • Build a deeper understanding of how your product, system, or process performs and the ways in which various inputs affect performance.
  • Define better, less expensive solutions. By exploiting the deeper knowledge gained, you can determine how to consistently achieve top performance at a lower cost.
  • Reduce your total experimental effort per project by an average of 50%. With DOE, you can determine the best and smallest set of experimental combinations needed to address your questions upfront, thus avoiding budget overruns and the need to ask for more time and experimental resources to find a solution.

Despite the wins offered by DOE, many people working in commercial research, development, and manufacturing have little experience with it. Whether it is due to a lack of awareness or a lack of know-how, the best way to gain an appreciation for what DOE can offer is to experience it firsthand.

This series of three one-hour workshops arms you with the knowledge and the resources you need to get started with DOE. 

Key learning points:

  • Why DOE offers a faster, more predictable, and better-informed way of learning than other experimentation approaches.
  • Common terminology and types of DOE.
  • How to design, analyse, and present the findings of your first DOEs.
  • Hands-on exercises, expert advice, and feedback to deepen your understanding of DOE.

This three-part workshop has been designed for scientists and engineers who want to make their experimentation more efficient and effective. Follow along in your own time with JMP Statistical Discovery software and give your learning a valuable boost.

Presented by the Royal Society of Chemistry

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