JMP will participate to Phuse SDE in Cambridge on 23rd May 2016 !

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Attend the talk by Valérie Nedbal: Why modern CDISC data visualization matters in clinical trials.

Comprehensive and efficient assessment of drug safety is a critical component of ethical clinical trials. CDISC data standards have fostered the development of new ways to analyze and visualize clinical data. In particular, safety reviews have been greatly aided by the use of dynamically interactive graphics and analytics, thus taking advantage of the data standards through the use of a more efficient and faster data review processes.
During this presentation, we will demonstrate how integrating powerful analytical methods with well-ordered visual displays and drill-downs enhances the clinical trial review process while remaining consistent with the new data standards. Further, we describe how statistical and graphical techniques can help diagnose fraudulent behavior and support risk-based monitoring at investigator sites. The interplay between statistics and graphics affords insights into the data inaccessible by either approach alone. Data from a clinical trial of patients who experienced an aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage will provide illustration for most of the presentation. JMP Clinical® software will be used to demonstrate key concepts.  

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When: 23 May 2016
Where: Cambridge