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Lots of people would pay a premium for a conference that provides tangible ways to improve their work, as well as the inspiration to do so. But at Discovery Summit, you don’t have to. It’s a valuable learning opportunity at a great price. Plus you get many invaluable opportunities, like unprecedented access to JMP development and more networking with fellow JMP users than you’ll find anywhere else.

Conference Registration Fees and Discounts

Standard Rate


Group Discount

Three or more people from an organization register together. Contact Lori Harris for details before registering.


(30% off the standard conference price for each person)
JMP® or SAS® Users Group Member Discount

Current members of registered users groups.


(50% off the standard conference price)
Student Discount

Full-time students registering with a school-affiliated email address.


(50% off the standard conference price)

Half-day and two-day courses led by SAS Education instructors.

Price varies.

(25% off the standard course price)

Ninety-minute sessions led by JMP developers.


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Training Registration Fees and Discounts

SAS Education offers pre- and post-conference training at a 25% discount for those attending Discovery Summit. You’ll benefit from focused attention and hands-on practice with JMP. 

JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments (Sept. 19-20)

$975 (975 JMP Training Points / 2.4 EPTO)

JMP Software: Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language (Sept. 19-20)

$750 (750 JMP Training Points / 1.8 EPTO)

JMP Software: ANOVA and Regression (Sept. 19-20)

$975 (975 JMP Training Points / 2.4 EPTO)

JMP Software: Advanced JMP Scripting and Panel Discussion (Sept. 23)

$245 (325 JMP Training Points / .6 EPTO)

Academic Discount

Staff, faculty and students receive a 50% discount on pre- and post-conference training.


Apply EPTO or JMP Training Points

If your organization has prepaid training units through the SAS Enterprise Professional Training Offer (EPTO) or the JMP Training Points Discount Program, you can use them for your courses and your conference registration that week. For information about the training discount programs, contact us at

Conference Training
Promo Code

Use EPTO units for conference training.


Use JMP Training Points for conference training.


Conference Registration
Promo Code

Use EPTO units for conference registration.


Use JMP Training Points for conference registration.


Justify Your Trip

Give your boss all the right reasons to send you to Discovery Summit.

Event Venue
  • Discovery Summit
  • September 19-23, 2016
  • SAS World Headquarters
  • Cary, North Carolina

Bringing a guest?

Guests may participate in special dinner events on Wednesday and Thursday. During registration, you may specify which events your guest will attend.


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