Why Teach With JMP

JMP® Enables Faculty and Students

JMP is used at more than 1,300 colleges and universities by thousands of professors and hundreds of thousands of students.

The JMP Advantage

Enhanced Learning

JMP offers comprehensive analytic tools for teaching statistical concepts and skills. Interactive graphs and teaching applets aid conceptual understanding.

Ease of Use

JMP’s interactive, point-and-click interface makes basic-to-advanced techniques accessible to students without requiring them to write code.

Career Booster

JMP is used by many leading companies around the world. Using JMP in courses provides students with skills that are directly applicable to the job market.

Course Materials Library

The one place for educators to get free access to JMP resources for teaching statistical concepts and skills in the context of real-world problems, including:

Course Materials Library

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JMP runs on Windows and Mac, and the installation takes only a few minutes. Choose the best access option for you among: