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Now available from JMP®: New Interface to MATLAB

Bring interactive visualization, exploration and analysis to your MATLAB and Simulink models.

JMP® statistical discovery software from SAS combines interactive graphics and powerful statistics for data exploration, visualization and analysis on the desktop.

The JMP interface to MATLAB enables MATLAB users to add:

  • Ad hoc drag-and-drop exploration of your models or data sets.
  • Model optimization through world-class tools for design of experiments.
  • Process improvement and yield optimization through Visual Six Sigma.
  • Advanced modeling techniques for quality, reliability, predictive modeling, screening, and recursive partitioning through more than 60 modeling and visualization platforms.

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This complimentary info kit includes:

Video Demonstration

JMP® Integration with MATLAB

Learn how to use design of experiments, interactive Profilers and drag-and-drop graph building in JMP to augment your MATLAB engineering models and functions. This video will highlight how to:

  • Easily connect to MATLAB from JMP.
  • Execute MATLAB code from JMP.
  • Send data from JMP to MATLAB.
  • Return data and results from MATLAB to JMP for further data visualization and analysis.
White Paper

JMP® Extensibility Synergy with MATLAB

This white paper uses three case studies to demonstrate the benefits of adding JMP to your MATLAB workflow, including:

  • Signal Processing/Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) Application.
  • DOE for Computer Simulation Model Optimization.
  • Genetic Algorithm Optimization Application.
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