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Moving from SPSS to JMP Info Kit

From basic statistics to advanced modeling capabilities. The best you can get.

Top 3 reasons why JMP is the best:

  • JMP dynamically links data and reports so you can easily explore unusual observations (you can also create and update visuals in real time).
  • JMP is known worldwide for its superior technical support service. It was true when SAS introduced the first version of JMP statistical software in 1989; and it is still true today.
  • Finally, JMP pricing is in your favor (and it’s easy to purchase and install).

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This complimentary info kit includes a white paper, webinar, downloadable data set and presentation slides.

Using a data set from the University of Queensland, this info kit explains how SPSS and JMP differ in the handling of descriptive statistics, visualizations, bivariate tests, contingency tables and model building. Download this info kit to see a comparison on how SPSS and JMP handle the processing, analysis, and output of data.

Here in the Denver Police Department’s Data Analysis Unit, we produce a wide variety of products, from neighborhood crime statistics to district level crime trends to citywide strategic plans. With the addition of JMP, we are converting our recurring reports into JMP Projects, enabling us to produce consistent, accurate information much quicker and easier than we were. Converting our existing SPSS syntax files into JMP scripts has been pretty straightforward, and the increased reporting capabilities give us a cleaner, more user-friendly final product. Although we’re not yet finished with the conversion for all recurring products, we are already seeing time savings.

Mike Nichols
Senior Statistical Researcher Denver Police
Department Data Analysis Unit

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About White Paper Author and Webinar Presenter Jason Brinkley

Jason Brinkley is Senior Researcher for the American Institutes for Research. He is a former Assistant Professor of biostatistics at East Carolina University, where he assessed the impact of medical interventions on public health.

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