JMP Life Sciences Programming Guide | JMP Life Sciences XML Tags, Attributes, and Values

JMP Life Sciences XML Tags, Attributes, and Values
This chapter familiarizes you with details about writing front ends for your JMP Life Sciences analytical processes. JMP Life Sciences software enables this via a straightforward XML specification of the graphical user interface (GUI). The specification is based on standard .html forms. (See for details.)
All of the processes that are supplied as part of JMP Life Sciences have an associated .xml file that sets up their GUI. You can view or modify these GUIs to customize them, or you can cut-and-paste from these GUIs when writing a GUI for a new process.
While a little extra time might be needed to develop the XML code, the resulting JMP-based GUIs offer the following standard features:
You can choose from a number of different widgets, including pull-down lists (which contains SAS variables or a hardcoded list of values), sorting variable lists, number spinners, integer sliders, radio buttons, and check boxes.
You can organize the input dialog boxes into tabbed panes.
Let's now study the XML code for the Column Contents process to see how it works.
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