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The Column Contents Process
The purpose of the Column Contents process is to display the contents of a SAS data set using the SAS CONTENTS procedure (PROC CONTENTS). The XML code for this process is contained in the DataContents.xml file located in the ProcessLibrary folder
Navigate to the DataContents.xml file.
Typically, when JMP Genomics is loaded on a Windows machine, the default path to this file is C:\Program Files\SASHome\JMPGenomics\13\LifeSciences\ProcessLibrary\.
Open the DataContents.xml file.
The XML code for the Column Contents process should appear as shown below.
The structure of this XML code is the same for all processes, and consists of a series of tags, attributes, and values. Tags are colored blue in the preceding code and have the following syntax:
<tag1 attribute1="value1" attribute2="value2" … >
Tags can be nested and are typically arranged hierarchically, with the levels of the hierarchy indicated using indention. A new instance of a tag is enclosed in < >, and this instance is concluded by enclosing the same tag in </ >.
Attributes provide specific modifiers to the tags. Attributes are colored purple in the preceding code. For example, the sdsdialog tag in the preceding example has these attributes: name, width, height, and layout.
Values of the attributes are colored red in the preceding code and are always enclosed within double quotation marks.
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