Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Liver Cancer.jmp.
Select Analyze > Predictive Modeling > Partition.
Select Severity and click Y, Response.
Select BMI through Jaundice and click X, Factor.
For JMP Pro, select Validation and click Validation.
For JMP, enter 0.3 as the Validation Proportion.
Completed Launch Window with Validation Portion = 0.3
Completed Profit Matrix
Confusion Matrix and Decision Matrix Reports
The first three columns involve only the predicted probabilities. The confusion matrix counts are based on the Most Likely Severity column, which classifies a patient into the level with the highest predicted probability. These probabilities are given in the Prob(Severity == High) and Prob(Severity == Low) columns.
The last five columns involve the profit matrix weighting. The column called Most Profitable Prediction for Severity contains the decision based on the profit matrix. The decision for a patient is the level that results in the largest profit. The profits are given in the Profit for High and Profit for Low columns.

Help created on 9/19/2017