Mixture Column Property Panel shows the Mixture column property panel for the factor m1 in the Vinyl Data.jmp sample data table, found in the Design Experiment folder.
Mixture Column Property Panel
A pseudo-component is a linear transformation. Let S denote the sum of the mixture components. Suppose that i columns have been assigned the Mixture column property. Suppose that the columns and effects constructed from these columns are entered as effects in the Fit Model window.
, where Li is the Lower Limit for Xi
, where Ui is the Upper Limit for Xi
Let xi denote a value of the column Xi. The L PseudoComponent at xi is defined as follows:
The U PseudoComponent at xi is defined as follows:
If you select both L PseudoComponent Coding and U PseudoComponent Coding, the Fit Model platform uses the L coding if (S L) < (US). Otherwise, the U coding is used.

Help created on 9/19/2017