Plots the VIP statistics against the model coefficients. You can show only those points corresponding to your selected Ys. Additional labeling options are provided. There are plots for both the centered and scaled data and the original data. See VIP vs Coefficients Plots.
Fit Line Shows or hides a fitted line through the points on the X-Y Scores Plots.
Show Confidence Band Shows or hides 95% confidence bands for the fitted lines on the X-Y Scores Plots. These should be used only for outlier detection.
Shows a plot of T2 statistics for each observation, along with a control limit. An observation’s T2 statistic is calculated based on that observation’s scores on the extracted factors. For details about the computation of T2 and the control limit, see T2 Plot.
Opens and populates a launch window with the appropriate responses entered as Ys and the variables whose VIPs exceed the specified threshold entered as Xs. Performs the same function as the button in the VIP vs Coefficients for Centered and Scaled Data report. See VIP vs Coefficients Plots.

Help created on 9/19/2017