Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Oil Use.jmp.
Select Graph > Graph Builder.
Select Country and drag it to the Y zone.
Figure 3.7 Country Assigned to the Y Zone
Select Production and Consumption and drag them to the X zone.
Figure 3.8 Country versus Production and Consumption
Figure 3.9 Side-by-Side Bars for Production and Consumption
Figure 3.10 Stacked Bars for Production and Consumption
In the Variables list, right-click the column Consumption and select Transform > Negation.
This makes Consumption negative. A column called -Consumption appears in the list of columns. The column name is italicized to indicate that it is a virtual column. Use this column to plot the consumption bar in terms of negative values.
Select -Consumption and drag it to just above the X axis. See Figure 3.11.
Figure 3.11 Stacked Bars for Production and Negative Consumption
Negative consumption (-Consumption) is plotted on the left in red, and Production is on the right in blue. Next, use the Consumption column as an ordering variable to sort the countries by their oil consumption.
Select Consumption and drag it to the right of the Y axis. Do not drop the variable until a blue polygon appears. See Figure 3.12.
Figure 3.12 Polygon for Ordering Countries by Consumption
The levels of Country are now ordered by Consumption. The countries that consume the most oil appear at the top of the graph. You can also see each country’s oil production.

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