In this example, you have defect data on wafers. The X Die and Y Die columns give a location on the die, and Defects gives the number of defects at each location. Because die defects often occur in patterns, you use cluster analysis to cluster wafers into groups that might have the same type of defect pattern. Once you have done this, you want to visualize the defect patterns for each cluster.
Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Wafer
Run the Spatial Cluster of Defects script.
Go back to Wafer
Select Graph > Graph Builder.
Select X_Die and drag it to the X zone.
Select Y_Die and drag it to the Y zone.
Select Cluster and drag it to the Wrap zone.
Select Defects and drag it to the Color zone.
Figure 3.31 Locations Colored by Mean Defects for Each Cluster
Select Log for Scale Type.
This scale is linear for the logarithm of Defects. Because the distribution of Defects is highly skewed, using the Log scale highlights the variation patterns, but at the expense of being able to easily compare magnitudes in the original scale.
Figure 3.32 Heatmap for Wafer Clusters

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