Figure 2.6 Quantile Range Outliers Window
Quantile Range Outliers Window
An outlier is considered any value more than Q times the interquantile range from the lower and upper quantiles. You can adjust the value of Q and the size of the interquantile range.
The multiplier that helps determine values as outliers. Outliers are considered Q times the interquantile range past the Tail Quantile and 1 - Tail Quantile values. Large values of Q provide a more conservative set of outliers than small values. The default is 3.
Note: Hold down the Ctrl key and click Rescan to rescan across all command groups.
Note: Hold down the Ctrl key and click Close to close all command windows.
Note: The first time you use choose an action (such as Change to Missing or Exclude Rows) to change your data, the alert window warns you to use the Save As command to save your data table as a new file to preserve a copy of your original data. When this window appears, click OK. If you decide to save your new data file, you will automatically be prompted to save the file with a new name.

Help created on 7/12/2018