Figure 2.7 Robust Fit Outliers Window
Robust Fit Outliers Window
Given a robust estimate of the center and spread, outliers are defined as those values that are K times the robust spread from the robust center. The Robust Fit Outliers window provides several options for calculating the robust estimates and multiplier K as well as provides tools to manage the outliers found.
The multiplier that determines outliers as K times the spread away from the center. Large values of K provide a more conservative set of outliers than small values. The default is 4.
Changes the outlier value to a missing value in the data table. Click Rescan to update the Robust Estimates and Outliers report.
Note: Hold down the CTRL key and click Rescan to rescan across all command groups.
Note: Hold down the Ctrl key and click Close to close all command windows.

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