Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Companies.jmp.
With the box selected, select Profits ($M) from the Columns list.
Figure 6.3 Adding the Profits ($M) Column
Figure 6.4 Adding the Division Symbol
With the box selected as shown, select Sales ($M) from the Columns list.
Figure 6.5 Adding the Sales ($M) Column
Figure 6.6 Selecting the Formula
Figure 6.7 Adding the Multiplication Symbol
Figure 6.8 Multiplying the Formula by 100
In the Column Info window, select Fixed Dec from the Format list, type “10” next to Width, and type “2” next to Dec.
The new formula column matches the %profit/sales formula column.
The right-click menu for the Columns list has two replacement options: Replace all occurrences of selected subexpression replaces all occurrences of the selected expression with the currently selected column. Replace the selected subexpression with columns replaces the selected expression with multiple columns (formerly Shift + Click) for functions that support it (for example, Sum or Plus).

Help created on 7/12/2018