Draws lines from each point to the plane created by the x and z variables that you selected on the launch window.
Changes the size of normal contour ellipsoids. Type a value between 0 and 1, where the greater the value creates a bigger the ellipsoid. The actual values “0” and “1” produce no ellipsoid, so a warning appears if you try to use those values.
Biplot rays are displayed by default. You can remove them by selecting Biplot Rays from the red triangle menu. For details about principal components, see Principal Components in the Multivariate Methods book.
Calculates principal components (as with the Principal Components option) but scales the principal component scores to have unit variance. If this option is not selected, the scores have variance equal to the corresponding eigenvalue.
Saves all rotated component scores as columns in the current data table. These columns also include the formulas that were used. If you requested n rotated components, then n rotated component columns are created and named Rot1, Rot2, ... Rotn.
See Local Data Filter, Redo Menus, and Save Script Menus in the Using JMP book for more information about the following options:

Help created on 7/12/2018