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Figure 5.5 The Density Contour Controls Window
Density level represents the volume and density of the points. As the contours go from smaller to larger values, the contours cover less volume but more dense areas. A 0.9 contour represents the 10% densest part of the total, where the points are closest together. Click and drag the slider below “Contour Quantile,” or enter a value next to the slider.
Transparency changes the surface of density contours. The greater the value, the more opaque the contour. Enter a value in the box.
Color changes the color of the contour. Click the colored box and select a different color. (This option only appears for ungrouped density contours.)
To remove points from a 3D scatterplot, select Show Points from the red triangle menu. You can further optimize the contours by changing their size, color, and transparency. See Scatterplot 3D Platform Options for details.
Figure 5.6 Example of Optimizing a Dense Nonparametric Density Contour

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