Select Help > Sample Data Library and open Rats.jmp .
Select Analyze > Reliability and Survival > Fit Proportional Hazards.
Select days and click Time to Event.
Select Censor and click Censor.
Select Group and click Add.
Click Run.
Proportional Hazards Fit Report for Rats.jmp Data
In the Rats.jmp data, there are only two groups. Therefore, in the Parameter Estimates report, a confidence interval that does not include zero indicates an alpha-level significant difference between groups. Also, in the Effect Likelihood Ratio Tests report, the test of the null hypothesis for no difference between the groups shown in the Whole Model Test table is the same as the null hypothesis that the regression coefficient for Group is zero.
To show risk ratios for effects, select the Risk Ratios option from the red triangle menu. In this example, there is only one effect, and there are only two levels for that effect. The risk ratio for Group 2 is compared with Group 1 and appears in the Risk Ratios for Group report. See Risk Ratios for Group Table. The risk ratio in this table is determined by computing the exponential of the parameter estimate for Group 2 and dividing it by the exponential of the parameter estimate for Group 1.
Risk Ratios for Group Table