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Essential Graphing > Maps > Examples of Creating Maps > Boundary Map with Clipped Elements
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Boundary Map with Clipped Elements

Graphical elements (display segments such as reference, grid lines, and contours) can be clipped to conform to the boundaries of a geographical map. The Customize Graph window provides Clip Shape options, where you can select a boundary around which to clip the shape.

Figure 12.39 Unclipped (Left) and Clipped (Right) Reference Lines and Contours 

Create the Background Map

1. Select Help > Sample Data Library and open

2. Select Graph > Graph Builder.

3. Drag the Latitude column to the Y axis.

4. Drag the Longitude column to the X axis.

5. Right-click the graph and select Graph > Background Map.

6. In the Boundaries column, select US States and click OK.

A map of the United States appears on the graph.

Figure 12.40 Background Map 

7. Click the Points icon to remove the points.

8. Click the Smoother icon to remove the smoother.

9. Click the Contour icon .

A contour plot appears on the map.

Figure 12.41 Unclipped Contours on Background Map 

Add a Reference Line

1. On the Latitude axis, double-click 45°00’ N to open the Y Axis Settings window.

2. In the Reference Lines pane, change the first number in the Value box to “40”.

For example, in 44°40.11′ N, change “44” to “40”.

3. Click Add and then OK.

Figure 12.42 Unclipped Reference Line 

Assign a Clip Shape

1. Right-click the graph and select Customize.

2. Select Reference Lines and select US States from the Clip Shape list.

3. Select Contour, select US States from the Clip Shape list, and click OK.

Figure 12.43 Clipped Reference Line and Contours 


The boundaries that appear in the Background Map window are installed in the JMP Maps installation folder. See Custom Map Files for more information about adding your own boundaries.

Scripting provides additional options, such as specifying the clipping path in a matrix or string. See Clip Display Segs in Graphics in the Scripting Guide.

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