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Using JMP > The Column Info Window > Column Properties
Publication date: 07/30/2020

Column Properties

A column property is information that is attached to a column. Once that information is entered, it is saved as part of the data table. You can select column properties and apply them to columns. There are some column properties that JMP creates for your convenience. Often, you can modify these.

Column properties are listed in the Column Info window’s Column Properties menu. The area below the Column Properties menu shows column properties that have been saved to a column. To view or edit a property, select it from this list.

In the Columns panel of the data table, an icon appears next to the name of each column that contains a property, other than the Notes property. The Notes property is not denoted by an icon. Icons include the following:

Indicates that the range or list check property is applied

Indicates that the column contains a formula

Indicates that the column contains a property other than the Note, Range Check, or List Check column property

For information about more column property icons, see Icons Representing Column Characteristics and Properties in the Get Started section.

To assign a column property to one or more columns

1. Select the column or columns to which you want to assign a property.

2. Do one of the following:

Right-click the header area, select Column Properties, and select the property.

Right-click the header area, select Column Info, and select the property from the Column Properties menu.

Select Cols > Column Info and select the property from the Column Properties menu.

3. In the column property panel that appears, specify values and select options as appropriate.

Click Apply to add the column property or click OK to add the column property and close the column properties window.

A column might already contain a property that you want to apply to other columns. Use the Standardize Attributes command to apply that property to other columns. See Standardize Attributes and Properties Across Columns.

The following sections describe the properties that you can add to columns.

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