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Using JMP > The Column Info Window
Publication date: 07/30/2020

The Column Info Window

Set Column Attributes and Properties

Use the Column Info window to set specific properties on a column in a data table. Here are some examples of the actions that you can perform on a column:

Change data and modeling types

Change numeric formats

Add formulas

Specify restrictions on values or missing values

Order categorical values or row data

Save specification, control, or response limits

Enter a known value for sigma

You can also standardize attributes and properties across multiple columns, assign a preselected analysis role to columns, and compress columns in a data table.

Figure 5.1 The Column Info Window 


About the Column Info Window

About Modeling Types
The Short-Integer Format
Numeric Formats
Row State Columns
Initialize Data

Column Properties

Basic Column Properties
Properties That Validate Column Values
Properties That Attach Information to Column Values
Properties That Control the Display of Columns
Properties Used in Modeling and DOE
Properties Associated with Control Charts and Capability
Properties That Control How Columns Are Used in Platforms
SAS Properties
Virtual Join Properties
Additional Properties
Properties Assigned and Controlled by JMP

Standardize Attributes and Properties Across Columns

Recode Values
Standardize Attributes
Standardize Properties
Delete Properties
Example of Standardizing a Formula

Assign a Preselected Analysis Role

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